Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 42 - Be Where Your Feet Are

Well hey there my fantastic family!!

Ah shucks, well here we are again, and I have to admit this past week has been a pretty interesting one! Me and Casa nueva (newhouse) have just really been hitting it off! Lately we've been spending a lot of time with the VanHook family. The husband is inactive, and the wife was raised Jewish.. aka she doesn't know anything about what she believes. Well they are boarder line hoarders and we offered to help them get control of their house again. It has been incredible! Each time we have gone over there we have been able to build our relationship with Rory and she has been asking us a lot of questions about Christ. It's been interesting to ask her certain questions about judaism and she'll answer.. pause.. and then say but that doesn't really make any sense. haha how can people go through life claiming to be a part of something that doesn't even make sense to them? Tradition! (like off of fiddler on the roof) But anyways they are super great and I have become a super organizer! 

We got to go to the temple this Friday and ah man! it was so sweet! I had my little family name to do and it made it SO incredible:] I had to do her initiatory before the endowment and man, I forget just how neat that is! Ah, we have been given so so much! but this past week I had been praying about a lot of things and it was incredible to receive certain impressions while being in the house of the Lord. I feel so blessed to be serving so close to a temple:]

and are you ready for this..... 

WE GOT A NEW WARD MISSION LEADER!!!!! oohh yeah:] as we were sitting in sacrament meeting they were going through releases and i heard them mention Brother Allen so I perked up because he is one of my favorite guys in the ward... then they released the current ward mission leader.. .and Wa-La! my prayers were answered!! We have this new fantastic awesome ward mission leader who is pumped about getting things going! ah he's number one and I felt so much more motivation to get out to do work, because now somebody actually cares! we're moving mountains my friends:]

I woke up sunday morning for some reason thinking you should get a blessing.. so I followed that prompting and asked Brother Meldrum if he'd be willing to do it. After church we went into a classroom and he asked me Do you want to tell me what's going on or should we just go off of inspiration? I said we're going off inspiration here and he just smiled. Priesthood blessings are so real. He said I would remind you to be wise and aware of all the distractions that are currently around you, even those that are dear to your heart. The most interesting part about that is that that was exactly what I was looking for. I want to be where my feet are. I want to be here in every way that I can. I don't have much longer and there are certain things that have definitely been pulling my thoughts else where. No more distractions, it's time once again for me to reach a new level of conversion and let some things go. I truly am grateful for brother meldrum, and all others who hold the priesthood worthily:]

OH last night for dinner we got to eat with the Willis family and ah! they have thee cutest girls in the world!! seriously. Well i was standing there when all of the sudden their little girl Serena comes from behind and jumps on me... I wasn't really expecting it so I think we can all guess what's about to happen... I started falling backwards and yep:/ I crushed little Serena's head with my bony butt! it. was. the. worst. all of my weight just boom right on the teeny girl. She cried for soo long! and it took awhile for her to warm up and be my friend again! ah haha it was terrible. Then their other daughter Jane, sprained her ankle when she was running up to us.. and then later split her dang chin open! let's just say next time I go over there I'm wrapping their children in bubble wrap!!

But anyways this week was one full of learning for this girl:] Next week is transfers all over again! can you even believe that?! but I'm 93% sure I'll do one more here with casa nueva:] I love her! Seriously it has been the best getting to serve with this girl:] I love the gospel, I love the opportunity I have to share it, I know that Heavenly Father certainly is aware of us. He sometimes just asks us to be more aware of Him! Have a great week, sorry the superbowl sucked so much:]

Love, Sister Bowden

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