Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 45 - Bear with Patience

Well hello gorgeous!

This past week has been pretty crazy with so many ups and downs! I can't even say it enough, Heavenly Father is SO good to me. He truly is:]
We helped Rori VanHook clean out her kitchen and as we were leaving she said hey I hope you two know that I'm not just expecting you to clean my house and that's it.. WE'RE gonna start teaching her this next week and I'm pretty excited especially to get her inactive husband involved as well.  Things seem to just be rolling right along.  
As we were walking to check our mail that day there was a lady parked outside so I started talking to her about the church, I pulled out the Book of Mormon and was telling her all about it and out of nowhere this young guy comes walking up to me, cuts in front of the woman, is right up close to my face and says, "What do you think you know about God and Jesus Christ?"  I just smiled at him, took a step back and explained to Him that God loves each of us and that through Jesus Christ we can return to Him.  He... simply just walked away.   Haha I have no idea what happened or what will come of that but I just thought it was really interesting.  Right when you're about to do something good that is going to benefit others there always seems to be a curve ball thrown your way.
We had an AWESOME first lesson with our friend Jose from Walgreens. He just seemed to soak it all up so we're hopeful for him and seeing him progress. We also met with Karen again.. she is struggling to come to church and it has been pretty frustrating.  When we went over there we kept bringing up the importance of attending church.  I told her that it was like she's doing all the work and practice (reading and praying) and then she never shows up for the big game.  She started opening up to us and told us that every Sunday she has this inner battle with going to church or spending time with her husband.  She said it's hard to tell someone you love and that has always been number one in your life that suddenly God needs to be number one.  She started crying and called us "Bullies with Badges."  Hahaha I quite enjoy that.  I shared my testimony that when we are having to choose between something or someone that we REALLY do love and what the Lord is asking us to do, that He does provide comfort and blessings that outweigh the sacrifices we make.
I've started the Book of Mormon over... again... and this time I really noticed how Nephi no matter what the circumstances never complained.   Lehi did, Sariah did, and we all know about his brothers and yet Nephi never complained.  He was diligent and kept doing what the Lord asked.  I'm trying to apply that to myself.  The first time I actually felt the scriptures were answering me was in High School.  I wasn't accepted to the U's ballet program and I felt SO down on myself I came across Alma 26:27, bear with patience thine afflictions and I will give unto you success.  That verse brought me comfort then, it still brings me comfort now.  Am I really bearing with patience?  The promises given in the Book of Mormon are promises that still apply to us today:]
The bishop's wife had some exciting news for us too.  She told us that she had been fasting for missionary work and prayed asking Heavenly Father who she should talk to about sharing the gospel.  Well, He answered, she has a FAMILY for us to teach and they are really excited about the gospel.  Haha ya wanna know the funny part.. they are going on vacation.. and they won't be back till March 22.. aka the last day of the transfer.  How in the world did I get so lucky??  But, it's all good:] I am just so grateful for the experiences that she is going to have because of her desire to take on our challenge.
We had Stake Conference this past week and it was all focused on Hastening the Work.  It's been really exciting to see our members really take it on and talk to their neighbors and friends.  A lot of them have come up and said hey will you pray for la la la I'm gonna talk to them this week about the gospel.  AH! they are starting to get it:] It's only taken 5 months.  But hey, here's to whatever lies ahead.  I truly am so so grateful to be serving right now.  I've never been more reliant on the Lord.  I love Him and everyday I'm trying to be better.  I love you all and miss you ALL the days:] 

Love, Sister Bowden

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