Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 43 - This Is What you GET to go Through

Well HELLO there my great family:]

Ah well wait the week is already gone? how did that even happen? Well this past week was literally so good! We went over to Rori VanHooks to help her clean and we ended up having the neatest experience! As we were taking a break to eat lunch newhouse asked her a simple question and I don't even know what happened but all of the sudden we were teaching her about the restoration, about living prophets, about the plan of salvation, but most importantly we just kept telling her over and over again that Heavenly Father loved her. That he loved her so much and he was aware of her.  She started tearing up at one point and I was so grateful for that moment.  It was all just so casual and meaningful. She was engaged and we were teaching her the simple truths of the gospel.  It helped me realize that some people just need to be told that someone loves them.  That God is aware of them, and I think at times I disregard that knowledge on a daily basis.  We have a lot of hope for Rori and i'm excited to go back this week:]

One of my really good friends out here has actually decided to go home this week.  Sister Cardona has been struggling with depression and anxiety and has decided it would be best for her to get home and figure everything out.  So I came out with her and we were best friends in the MTC and it kills me to see her going home so soon.  As she was talking to me about it earlier this week, she just started crying and saying that all she really wants to be is happy.  I would do anything for this girl, I even asked her if we could talk to President about us being companions so that I could get her up and going again.  But, unfortunately, president said no.  He did say though, something that kinda hit me, "Sister Cardona we each have our own challenges and this is what you GET to go through".  That really hit me, because it's true.  Trials suck! but I know that before, after and during every trial Heavenly Father is right there helping us become better.  WE GET to go through this life.. isn't that a huge blessing in itself?  Missions are really hard and I can't even imagine trying to serve one while suffering from depression.  She told me that every day everyone has a 5 lb weight strapped to them as they're going around but for her it feels like a 50 lb weight just to get up and go every day.  She truly has been such a good missionary and I'm hoping that things work out when she gets home.  Coming home early has probably have to be one of the hardest most intimidating things a person can go through.  I just hope that when she gets there that her family and friends will receive her well and just show their love for her.  That is seriously the thing that she needs most. 

Regina Kim came to church yesterday and I was SO excited that she came:] and ya wanna know the best part of the whole thing?  She brought her son Logan with her and he was so good!  He has severe autism and he was a champ!  He made it through all of sacrament without freaking out once.   AH, so so sweet.  So she told us that she'd be back next week and it really was an answer to my prayer.  I love getting the opportunity to see people change their lives, or just the affirmation that this lady came to church today because you invited her to.  You were the one that told her she was needed.  You helped her come closer to Christ.  Seriously nothing is more gratifying than these small and simple moments:]

Well another transfer has come and gone.. and I can't even believe it. Time just seems to be flying past me and I really wish I could just stop it all!  Me and my little noobhouse are still together, and I feel so hopeful for this coming transfer! Great things are just right ahead:] I can feel it in my bones!  Hahaha ok not really, but I'm excited.  Life is SO good, and I hope this next week something meaningful happens for each of you! I love you all!!

Love, Sister Bowden

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