Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 50 - My Spiritual GIANT!

My family!!
Well oh my goodness.  I don't even know where to start!!  I was transferred and I am now serving in the blessed land of MONTGOMERY!! and all I can say is that it truly is incredible and I have hands down the best companion in the mission:]  I'm serving with Sister Bonner!! She is 6'2" and literally i feel like she is retraining me on how to be a missionary. She doesn't sit around and wait for miracles to fall into her lap, she seeks them out. She pushes me to do likewise and I am so so so grateful to have a companion that just wants to work.  These next 6 weeks should be incredible!
Montgomery is like you classic Texas type small town.  I absolutely love it and we have soo much going on in the area right now!  I want to just sit and type down all the neat experiences but I will share just a couple small moments that really impacted me this past week.
So we have a wide range of people that we are teaching right now.  We teach a woman who literally lives in a mansion on the lake, and then we also teach a man who, when we met him, didn't have anything but a mattress in his apartment.  I love that truly the gospel can bless any person no matter what circumstances they may be in.
We also had a baptism this Saturday!  Millie Coats is 79 years old!  We call her grannie and she calls us "her girls."  After she was baptized, we were waiting in the bathroom while she changed and during a quiet moment I heard her softly whisper "thank you Jesus."  When she came out in her dress, she bore her testimony to Sister Bonner and I.  It's a good feeling when you can here your convert simply say, "My love for the Savior has grown and I know this is His church."   Ahhh they get it!!!
One night after an appointment fell through, we decided to go through the neighborhood and start finding some people.  We weren't having the best of luck, we started to walk up this couple's driveway and as we were walking, the wife saw us and started shooing us away saying, "We don't have time for you right now."  Sister Bonner just yelled back, "We are just in the area doing some service! Can we help you?"  It took both of them by surprise and they said sure and asked if we had a hammer!  Haha well we helped with their new screened in front porch and set up a time to come back and share a message. That first lesson was one of the best ones I have taught while on my mission:]  Mickey and Glenda were so excited to hear that we had a prophet here on the earth today!  She asked what his name was and if she could look him up.  We left her with a bunch of information and told her to check out  Well... listen to this!  She got on and started reading and said that ALL of our beliefs are things that she has always thought were true!.. and then she came across the Word of Wisdom... both her and mickey smoke and drink both coffee and alcohol.  She looked at the computer, looked at him and then said.. "Well it's time we give it up anyways."  CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?  I was blown away at how prepared these two have been.  Haha they are your classic Texans.  At one point Mickey said,  "I am a classic old school red neck!  My priorities are 1: my lord Jesus Christ and  2: my family."  Haha they are hilarious and i absolutely love them:]
Last, but definitely not least, we have Marcus:] who during sacrament meeting yesterday leaned over to me and whispered, "Sister Bowden.. when can I get the holy ghost?" :]]]]] Are you kidding me??  We talked a little bit more about his baptismal date and how he would receive the the gift of the holy ghost that following Sunday.  He is just so grateful and so ready to accept all that we have.
I truly feel so so blessed to be serving up here in Montgomery!  It is a place full of opportunities and with my awesome partner Bonner, I'm looking forward to the coming weeks.  We have A LOT to do, and I hope that we can somehow put a dent in all the things we wish to achieve.
I hope that all is going well back home, that each day you are finding little moments of happiness:] and know that I am missing you!!
Love, Sister Bowden

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