Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 47 - Making His Love Personal

Ah! well hi guys:]
I hope that everyone had a super great week and that if anything this email can in someway or another bring a smile to your face! This past week for me has definitely been one that has once again opened my eyes and heart. I can't get over how good Heavenly Father is to me. 
So there is a less active part member family in our ward that we've been trying to get a hold of since my first week in being here and we heard that their grandmother had had surgery about a week ago.  Well we talked to her visiting teacher and she actually set up a time for us to just go over and visit with her.. but the only problem is that she ONLY speaks Spanish!  Haha she seriously can only say hello and thank you in English.  Hahaha but we decided to do it anyways, when we got there she started rambling off and we said uh.. yo hablo no espanol.. and she replied no hablo ingles.. and we awkwardly stared at each other for a minute.  But then Sister Newhouse got a sweet idea she opened up a spanish Book of Mormon and was trying to find words to put together to talk but the grandma just grabbed the book from her and started reading.  Haha it was pretty neat she just kinda got sucked into it.  We then called one of the spanish elders and had her talk to her over the phone and even though we couldn't understand what the heck was going on they seemed to be laughing and having a good conversation.  And then Ivanna walked through the door! She is 22 and is the only member in her family, we got to talk to her and she said that she had felt like the church was isolating her from her family that's why she took a step back.  We got to know her, played some games and by the end of it, she actually asked us to come back!  So later this week we'll go back and chill with the Spanish speaking grandma and hope that Ivanna keeps wanting to meet with us:]
We also got a referral from a member in another ward.  We had set an appointment up with her and as we knocked on the door her mother actually answered AND SHE HAS BEEN SO PREPARED!  She's originally from Mexico city and her sister and niece were baptized about 2 years ago.   Her son lives in north Houston and she told us that when she was with him the missionaries found her there, and now that she is living with her daughter she's excited to see missionaries here too.  She loves el libro de mormon and is excited to read it with her daughter.  Anyways it was exciting to see that the Lord had prepared her and now we potentially have a whole family to teach:]
Yesterday after sacrament meeting a member came up to me and said Sister Bowden I need to tell you something.  Me and my husband have been talking about you and we have decided that you truly are unlike any other sister we have met.  We want you to know that we see your leadership abilities and how much potential you have and we just think you are incredible.  We want you to know that regardless of where Heavenly Father puts you, you can have a lasting influence on people.  We just thought you should know.  I just kinda sat there in shock.  Sister Fulroth has no idea how much that means to me.  Honestly that's all that I have ever wanted is to just know that me serving in this area has made a difference for somebody else.  After that, we had the awesome opportunity to teach the 13 year old sunday school class, haha which was a little buckwild.  It seemed like everything we tried to share they'd go off on some ridiculous tangent that would just make us laugh.  But somehow we got on the topic of having our prayers answered and I felt prompted to share my little earrings story and I guess I'll just share it real quick.  So pre-mish Macall had more than one set of earrings in her ears (ooh yeah I was such a bad kid) but anyways, I loved those things.  I thought they were so cute la la la but the only problem was that every time I would look in the mirror I'd have this little inner battle. One voice "just take them out, this is so dumb, you know you don't even really need those."  The other voice "but come one they are so cute and no one really cares anyways" just back and forth all day long.  Well finally one morning I was saying a prayer and I just said Heavenly Father if you want me to take these out you're just gonna have to say it, otherwise I really like them and I'm gonna keep them in.  Haha oh boy does he answer. Well later that night I was hanging out with a boy that I REALLY liked, he was so good looking and could really make me laugh.  We were sitting there and I just asked him so.. you like me? Are we dating..? and he looked at me and he said ya know Macall.. I do like you, I do, I just can't date you.  And me being typical me was just like WHAT?!  Who in their right mind doesn't wanna date me?  Haha, but then he said something that cut me deep.  He said if you can't even do the simple things that we've been asked, like having one piercing, how can I trust that you'll be able to do the hard things?   Boom.  Slap in the face.  Heart smashed on the floor.  I was pretty humiliated.  BUT I knew that that was Heavenly Father answering me:]  So anyways, I tell this story and all the dumb 13-year-old boys go crazy on the part that I got shut down and we're joking about it.  I kinda thought to myself why in the heck did I even feel prompted to share that dumb story.  Come to find out the one girl in the class, the only stinkin girl, had been debating with her parents about getting more piercings but my story helped her!  Her mom came up to me later that day and said hey, thank you for sharing that story in Taylar's class, it really really helped her.  WOO! ah I love moments when I actually do something right!  Following the spirit is one of the trickiest things to do, but I know that if we simply just trust.  Just trust that no matter what you do the spirit is going to take over.  Honestly 93% of the time people aren't even really paying attention to what you say, but they always know how they feel when you are around.  How you make others feel about themselves says a lot about you.  I know that that is so true.   God's love is universal but it is up to us to make it personal.  I know that the more we search for that love, the more we will be able to help others feel it also.
So I've been serving in this ward for about 6 months now and the latest and greatest hot question is Sister Bowden, what are you going to do when you get home? and this is my answer.
1: avoid all people of the male gender. Dodge all those bullets and just be awesome.
2: get a sweet dog.
3: eh get back into school and figure out my life.
4: take kickboxing and buy a kayak:]  and 
5: continue serving the lord to the best of my ability.
Haha that's the plan and I'm sticking to it!  honestly I haven't even got a letter in who knows how long me and newhouse have this on going joke that whenever we get ads their clearly to me!  I'm such a good friend and neighbor.. of course they would want to send me stuff:] 
Well I love you guys so very much!  I hope that this week you just make some new friends, find a new hobby, or help someone feel that that are important.  Go do the incredible!

Love, Sister Bowden

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