Monday, March 17, 2014

Week 48 - You Converted the Whole Ward!

Well hey there mi familia!
This past week has been one just full of great experiences and I, once again, am just so grateful for this opportunity that I have to serve the Lord:]   There is nothing better that I could be doing. 
We had exchanges and I got to spend the day in Sealy which was SO good:]  They live with members and the guy has an art studio in his house which is so sweet!  He has dedicated a whole lot of time to his pieces and had this huge collection of paintings of Christ's ministry while he was on the earth.  It was a pretty neat experience and I loved the experiences he shared with me.  It's pretty neat to think that the Lord has blessed us with so many different ranges of talents!  But, anyways, we spent a lot of time knocking doors in Sealy and I absolutely loved it!  I love humble people:]  It really was good for me because we were able to contact a lot of people and find a handful of people that were willing to listen to us.  I left with the thought of "Phew! You are still a good missionary":] 

One day Me and Newhouse decided that we were gonna spend some time tracting in our area... haha which we avoid at all costs because with previous experiences it just hasn't seemed like the most effective way to spend our time.  Well, before we start going buckwild pounding on doors we decided to say a prayer for where we should go and I felt an impression to go to this certain building number at the apartment complex we were at. The second to last door Joanne answered, and at first she seemed pretty put off that we were knocking randomly on her door.  BUT, the spirit took over, we talked to her about a loving Heavenly Father, that the Book of Mormon can be a source of strength and that it was written specifically for this time.  As we left her with a prayer she was just smiling and said, "You have no idea how much this means to me!"  CAN I JUST SAY HOW GOOD IT FEELS TO KNOW THAT YOU ARE AN INSTRUMENT IN THE LORDS HANDS? When you listen and follow the spirit, it just is unlike anything that you could ever experience. SO good:]

We also had dinner with my favorite lady Sister Hanna:]  As we were talking about what's been going on and la la la she told us that we have no idea all the good work that has come from us being here.  She said, "Sisters you should be proud of the work you have done, you've converted this whole ward" :]  I guess a huge part of missionary work, which honestly I tend to look over, is helping the members in their own conversions. 
Speaking of the ward, I got to speak yesterday in sacrament meeting! and once again, i love speaking!!  Haha it's become one of my favorite things to do.  I love just getting up telling a good story, throwing in some gospel principles, bearing a powerful testimony, and just walking away:]  Haha I talked mostly on how being a member of this church or having the gospel in our lives will always be something we'll have to fight for.  It's not meant to be easy, but I know that as we strive to constantly trust in the Lord man, we got some pretty great things to look forward to.  I LOVE THE KATY 2ND WARD.  K there I said it.  This has been thee absolute hardest thing that I have tried to be a part of, but I have just grown to love this area and all the people in it.  I know that it is through trials that we can become better acquainted with God:]  Afterwards I had quite a few people come and say, "Man Sister Bowden, that was so great!  I was just hangin on to every word!"  I truly am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who finds a way to work through all types of people, even this crazy, free-spirited girl from Hooper, Utah! 
I love you all so so much!  I hope that you are happy and well and that things are just moving right a long:] Keep fighting that good fight and know that I'm missing you guys.

Love, Sister Bowden

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