Monday, April 29, 2013

Week 3 - Missions Are Not for Wimps

Well well well hey fam:]


Haha yes I am officially in Houston Texas, College Station to be exact. Which is like 2 hours northwest of houston. And yes that means i am surrounded by college kids, luckily enough I am in a family ward and we the student housing isn't in my area! Well freak, i don't even know where to start... hahaha missions are hard?

I got my companion on Thursday her name is Sister Priddis and she's from Lindon, Utah. She's been out here 6 weeks and now she's training me! This girl is really cool and whatevs but pretty shy. So it's been kind of funny seeing how she reacts when i start being aggressive with investigators. She is so nice and loves everyone, she's been a real help to me and i'm glad i get to serve with her! but anyways we met on thursday and woof that day was super overwhelming. As soon as we got to our apartment we had an appointment with Robert. Robert got hit by a drunk driver a couple years ago and is now in a wheelchair, during the accident the other drive drove off and he was pinned under the car for 8 hours. He says that the only reason he's alive is because during that time angels came and stayed with him. He's a really awesome guy, we went to teach him and he told us how earlier that morning he was trying to light his cigar and his lighter kept blowing out, he didn't understand because he was inside. We then talked to him about the word of wisdom and he said that's what he needed to hear. He hasn't smoked since. SO SWEET!! But even better than that is Barbara Moore. This lady is INCREDIBLE. She's going to be baptized this saturday night and i can't even wait. I swear we've gone to teach her but everytime she just ends up teaching us. "The lords gift to us is life, our gift is what we do with it" Those were her words of wisdom one night haha you just gotta meet her. She lives in a trailer home and it was brought up why she is living there and she said This is all i need. Holy crap. Yeah she's top notch. I told her when i get engaged i was going to bring the boy down for her approval and she said well you better.

Saturday was actually a really hard long day we tracted in between our appointments and it's seriously so hard. Especially when i have an awkward companion that doesn't know how to talk to people. Haha seriously we'll knock and she just stands their awkwardly ahh and i don't know what to do cuz i'm a newby but heck, we'll figure it out. I have been sworn at, spit on, and who knows what else. There are actually some neighborhoods that normally i would avoid, but it seems that's where we always go. That's where the humble people seem to be.

So i gotta tell you about this less active member we've been teaching. He's name is Dino Mader and oh woof. His house reeks of tobacco, i can't even tell you, luckily we have to teach him on his porch so i don't have a fetchin asthma attack in his living room, but anyways yesterday we stopped by to see how he was doing and to see if he's still reading and praying wellllllllll he came out of his house in pajama pants but... a certain part of him was hanging out of them... CAN I JUST SAY I HAVE NEVER FELT SO UNCOMFORTABLE IN MY LIFE?!?!?! how does that happen? i was trying not to throw up and man it was really hard to feel the spirit but by the time we left he fixed "things" and actually said the prayer. haha ah never did i think i would have to experience that! I mean yeah i've heard boys going to other countries seeing boobs and whatever but freak even here in Houston Texas that was thrown my way.

We were fasting Sunday and basically i was fasting for a miracle, just for something to say like hey sister bowden i see you out here working your butt off and guess what! We found a lady named Sirleen Mendiola from Micronesia. A lot of her family is in Utah and mormon, she remembers when she was little in her country the missionaries coming and seeing her family but she was never baptized. She wants to come back to our church though and she said she had been looking for us for quite a while! ah! who looks for missionaries?? but anyways I'm super excited about her and she just seems so prepared for the gospel:] we're going back on thursday and she said she's gonna make us rice or something, i'm pretty excited:]

But i guess that's the jist of things.. haha I never pick the easy thing. never. and a lot of thoughts have been through my head like wow you could be home getting married, or you could still just be dancing, but no you had to pick this, this super hard stressful job. But it's awesome. Missions aren't for wimps, you seriously feel every emotion on the face of the planet times a million. But knowing that you tried. you gave it everything and you're gonna wake up and do it tomorrow just man. Makes me feel something i've never felt before. I've learned so much and can't wait to see what else is coming my way:] The lord is mindful of each and everyone of us. I'm learning how to seriously rely ON him and just let go. I love you guys and miss you more than you know! haha i miss our home ward so bad! So tell everyone i say hi! Stay strong, preach on:]

-Sister Bowden


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