Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Week 4 - Don't get too close to the cowboys!

Well Ollo family!!

Today is such a fetchin great day! and NO it hasn't been super hot in texas. It's actually been like perfect weather not humid just very nice. Ok so I figured I'd start this bad boy out with the bad/weird experiences of the week! Cuz ya know there always has to be some of those.  Wednesday was the worst day ever, and i'm being so serious. So we started off the day by going over to some investigators house to help them in their yard. Cool right? wrong. So Jim and Cindy Johnson have been taught for over a year now by the missionaries and we showed up with the plan that we would help them in the yard and then do a lesson.  Well we get there and we seriously dug trees out of their backyard for 3 hours, remember how i hate yard work? ok yep so i'm dying and just thinking the whole time, how the heck is me doing this bringing them closer to christ? so we're needing to leave and we ask so have you guys decided or talked about getting baptized on the 18? Cindy just turns to me and says well I don't know we haven't discussed it yet, we'll see.  I was so irritated. So then we had a little down time and decide to go tracting, we knock on this door and a tall white guy with the whole cowboy hat, buckle, and boots comes out.  We start it off and before I could even finish "from the church of Jesus Christ" he spits a HUGE wad of his chewing tobacco on my face. MY FACE. I seriously felt my blood boiling, i wanted to cry right there. My comp was just standing there in complete shock, i wiped off what i could and we just walked away.  Never in my life have i felt so... hurt? angry? I really don't even know how to describe the feeling, just a word of advice. Keep a decent amount of space between you and cowboys especially if you see a huge bulge by their lower lip.  Then to end the night on a good note we went over to see some less active members, we go in and they seem super cool, we're talking about his sweet cars and adventures. So Priddis asks if she can leave them with a short scripture, it was about christ and just a nice one we thought would be good to share.  Well haha she says it and the guy says "I'm actually Buddhist, so you talking about Christ in my home is very offensive and I'm going to ask you to leave right now" it was so awkward.  That day was just all over the place awful but hey it happens right?
So THE GOOD STUFF:] I committed Sirleen Mendiola to baptism on June 1! she's so awesome and makes the best food:] I'm so excited and she's actually gonna let us start teaching her 12 year old son too! We have another baptism set for May 18 for Robert and things are going solid with him as well! BUT i had my first baptism this past saturday! Barbara Moore is now a member of our church and she is the bomb! She used to race her 67 mustang, she was in the army, she's just an incredible woman over all. She asked me and Priddis to sing at her baptism and it actually wasn't that bad. Haha I don't know but ever since the MTC suddenly people think i can sing and i appreciate it.  I couldn't stop smiling the entire time! I'm so grateful i decided to go on a mission.  I seriously am seeing miracles happen on a daily basis and can not believe how much our gospel can help people.  I used to always say "I do what makes me happy", but i think i'm learning to do more of what makes the lord happy, because when you do that you'll find more happiness than you've previously known.  I'm so grateful for the ward that i'm in as well! I wish everyone could experience being a mormon outside of utah because it's a whole different life.  I am constantly learning and growing, i know this mission is going to set me up to be a better version of Macall. It's going to shape the rest of my life.  I would recommend every girl serving a mission. I really would. 
We actually meet with A LOT of less active people and it's been really neat to hear their stories. Sometimes i refer to myself as a missionary therapist because 83% of the time i just listen to people's problems and then share a scripture with them.  We met with Michael and Karen Ray and these two are awesome! They are working towards going to the temple again and i hope so bad that i get to see them do it! they've had a crazy life with their kids and everything but we just hit it off so well. I told them that when i get home they have to come see me and we'll go to temple square, man, that would be so sweet if it really happened! I feel like i'm doing something right when people feel that they can trust me with some of their struggles.  It's also awesome to know just how blessed i have been with the family i have.  I think i took it for granted how great my mom and dad are.  You guys are seriously top notch and i don't know how i got so lucky.  I just got thank you for being the perfect parents for me, and letting me learn things for myself. 
Well you guys are great and i love you and miss you! I GET TO CALL YOU NEXT SUNDAY!!! or we can skype? I'll probably be calling around 2? so just be ready:] i can't wait to hear from you all!! Much love!
-Sister Bowden

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