Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 55 - Lets Do Work!

Hello hello!!
Well I hope this email finds everybody happy and well!! This past week has been just ya know, another week on the mission.

One of the highlights was that Sister Combs and I were REUNITED!!  Haha both of our companions are the sister training leaders, so when they had their meetings we got to be together!  Ah, it was so so so good to be with a best friend!  Man, I have missed her and it was a day that I needed!

So 2 weeks ago we lost contact of Marcus.  He literally just disappeared!  His phone isn't paid for and he wouldn't answer the door so we literally were left in limbo.  It. was. the. worst.  But one night as we were leaving our apartment the thought popped into my head go see Marcus! We pull up to his housing complex and low and behold the gate was closed.. and of course we didn't have the code.. hahaha sooo we climbed the fence:] THE GOSPEL MUST BE SHARED!  But don't worry, we definitely said a prayer before that no one would see us and that we wouldn't get in trouble for breaking the law, prayer works:] Marcus was home and as it turns out, his family has been giving him a lot of trouble for meeting with us.  He basically shut everyone out for a week.. so I guess we'll see if we can get things smoothed out in the next coming weeks.

One night this past week we had dinner with a member who is a counselor and man I felt so awkward!!  Haha, I felt like every time I made a comment she was interpreting it into something completely different!  Ah, stop analyzing me!  I'm just a human being!!  Haha after awhile, I just stopped talking cuz I was sick of having to explain myself in every way possible.  Crazy people!

In the Montgomery ward we have about 455 names on our ward roster and about 115 show up on Sundays . . . so yes you could say we have A LOT of work to do.  The bishop is stinkin awesome!  He used to be in the Navy so he has this kind of "don't mess with me demeanor" but then you start talking to him and he is hilarious:]  It kinda reminds me of dad, and I really love serving with him.  It's been incredible to see the miracles that happened this past week though.  Sister Bonner and I were able to reach out to quite a few of the part member families and start up the lessons with each of them.  We are really hopeful and excited for this next coming transfer:]  While I am talking about this, yes, we are still together in Montgomery which came as quite a shock to both of us honestly.  But we both understand why that is.  Sister Bonner and I are well.. completely opposite in SO many ways, hahaha so, so many ways.  I think that we are being kept together so that we can learn and grow from one another.  While at times that can be kinda difficult, I mean come on, no one ever really likes being told they should do things differently, but I am grateful for this opportunity.  I'm grateful for Sister Bonner's patience with me and all my dang shortcomings.  I'm really looking forward to this next transfer and all the wonderful things that can take place! AND CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE NEXT SUNDAY IS MOTHER'S DAY?!?!  One question: where has the time gone?  Who even am I?  I really can't believe that it's already here again:] 

Well I LOVE YOU ALL THE DAYS! I hope that incredible things happen this week:]  You'll be seeing this sweet face soon!

Love, Sister Bowden

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