Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 52 - How Do You Measure A Year?!

Well hello jello!!
I am just SO happy to be writing y'all today:] This past week has once again been one just full of incredible moments and learning experiences!
So Sister Bonner is the sister training leader in our zone which means that she has to go on exchanges with all the other sisters in our zone, which means that I also have to go on exchanges with them.  So yep, we do a lot of exchanges!  This past week I got to be with Sister Powell and Sister Ae and it was SO incredible!  Right before I was falling asleep all of a sudden Sister Powell whispers in the dark "Sister Bowden..?"  " Yeah?"  "I just want you to know that I really look up to you."  It's little moments like that that make me feel like hey ya know, maybe I'm not too bad of a missionary after all and I absolutely adore Sister Ae!  She's from Hawaii and is seriously my long lost twin.  We have the most random things in common and I think I spent the whole day laughing:]  We visited with our awesome hippie neighbor Ken!  He's a really neat guy, that we'll share scriptures with and see how he's doing.
During our weekly planning sesh me and Bonner were discussing things that we needed to be better at.  We decided that one thing we really needed to focus on was that each lesson was led by the spirit instead of us just teaching the same lessons that we've been teaching for awhile now.  In doing that, I have really felt a difference in our lessons!  We're teaching this girl named Brittney who is seriously like the nonmember version of Macall!  I stinkin love her and as we tailored a lesson specifically for her and her needs, we had an awesome outcome!  I love that moment when the spirit breaks down their walls and they really start opening up to you.
We also spent some time knocking away, and we came across a lady named Paige!  Gave her the scoop had a good time hearing about her past experiences and right as we were about to leave Bonner asks her, "Can we leave you with a prayer?"  She says sure, and as I was praying I just felt the spirit once again take over.  When we finished she said Holy Cow!  I have goosebumps all over!  I really am so grateful for the power of prayer!  I know that as we are sincere in our prayers and are truly seeking the things that Heavenly Father has for us, we will be blessed.   We will find comfort and we will find happiness:]
I got to listen to President Monson's talk with some recent converts, the one about Courage, Not Compromise and it really hit me hard.  I think one of Macall's biggest weaknesses is that I really just wanna be liked by everyone, and in having that weakness I give into people so that we can all be friends.  CAN I SAY HOW HARD THAT IS AS A MISSIONARY?  I'm working on finding that "inner courage" so that when moments like this arise I won't be afraid, I won't lower my standards, but I will trust in the Lord.  It's Him who I should be trying to please anyways right?  I just wish that we could all get on the same page and just want to do the right thing.  How do you help people feel comfortable around you when you don't really think they are doing what's right?  Haha I sound like I should be back in jr. high or something... but anyways I just really loved that talk, if you haven't listened to it, do.  It's a good one:]
I also ate crawfish for my first time ever! and man those things look creepy.  It's also a whole heck of a lot of work for a teeny bit of meat.  Haha . . . not even worth it:] but hey I'm always up for new things.  It's all about the experience right?
Well honestly, we have just a lot going on!  Too many investigators to sit here and write about all day.  We had another 14 year old boy come to church yesterday and he's wanting to be baptized so we gotta get the ok with his mom and then let the lessons begin!  It truly is such an incredible blessing to be serving in an area like Montgomery.
AND NOT TO MENTION I HAVE OFFICIALLY BEEN SERVING THE LORD FOR A YEAR! i can't even believe it's gone by so fast:/  Who am i, if i'm not a missionary?  Haha no one is gonna think i'm cool anymore wah!!  Haha but really, it's been the greatest thing ever.  I can't tell you what a privilege it is to be a part of this great work, to get to be an instrument in the Lord's hands and help people get started on their own path, man, there is NOTHING greater:]
I love you all oh so much!  I hope this week is one full of incredible things, that if your sick ya get better, if your stressed ya get some ice cream, and if your bored you find a sweet adventure to go on:]  Like one of the talks said, we only have 4 minutes, let's make the most out of it while we can!
Love, Sister Bowden

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