Monday, January 20, 2014

Week 40 - A Little Piece of My Mind

So i could sit here and tell you guys all our wonder stories of this past week! we got new investigators! We had some straight up miracles! we also have a baptism this coming saturday so man:] my life has dramatically changed over the past 2 weeks but... i'm feelin pretty lazy so here's the top 30 things that I feel like sharing that I have learned:

1: There is a huge difference between satisfying the Lord and pleasing Him.
2: You can't change the past and you can't control the future but right now you can choose who you are, what you'll do, and how you feel.
3: That's what she said jokes are well... a million times funnier as a missionary.
4: One person can really really make a difference.
5: Most single less active ladies are hoarders..
6: Everybody is watching you so you might as well give them a good show:]
7: As a leader it's good to sometimes show your weak moments.
8: The rules weren't made to hold you back, they were made to help you become better.
9: Our God is a 4th watch kind of God, trust in Him.
10: Riding a bike in a skirt and knocking on strangers doors will never be something that I am comfortable with.
11: Talking with God is the best form of therapy:]
12: The more you are willing to give, the more He will be willing to give.
13: Mission goggles make even the trees look good...
14: Be humble enough to ask for help... even from people that you wouldn't want to ask.
15: I have been more blessed throughout my life than i ever realized.
16: Curb hopping on a bike can end up being quite painful and embarrassing!
17: Be honest, be honest, be honest.
18: At times I think i'm being stood up now for all the times I stood people up before the mish..
19: Heavenly father is constant and i feel like I am constantly changing.
20: I never realized how many people truly struggle with being confident in their own skin. 
21:The Book of Mormon is true and it can help you in ANY situation. sometimes I feel like the grandpa off of my big fat greek wedding "give me yo problem any problem and I will tell you how this book can fix it:] hahaha.
22: Heavenly Father knows me and while I know this life is a test, I also know that he sees our full capability.
23: Being happy truly is a choice!
24: The atonement: use it, love it, embrace it, and come to understand it on a daily basis.
25: It's a NECESSITY for me to be around people that are willing to laugh with me not just laugh at me. If not, I wanna kill someone.
26: I think for once I've finally been able to stand on my own 2 feet (of course with the Lord) but really I've had to just stick to my own guns.
27: The more you bike, the less you have to worry about what you eat!
28: You should always do things out of love, it truly is the greatest motivation.
29: Cotton garments are the way to go in the south!!
and 30: I know that God loves us and He is so aware of us, He knows what's best. Definitely not what's easiest but yes, what's best. I know that He asked me to serve a mission because it was literally the only way i would ever have a sure foundation of the Gospel and our Savior. How grateful I am for Him! Everyday I try to show Him my love and appreciation and everyday i am blessed for it, I can't keep up!
It was a process to get me out on a mission, it's been a process to get me to stay, and now I worry it might be a process to get me to come home:] haha i know that when that comes I'll be putting to test all the things that I have learned and shared out here:] 
love ya long time!

Love, Sister Bowden

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