Monday, October 21, 2013

Week 27 - Anything Helps . . . .


well here we are another week just passing on by, ok i'm gonna be real this past week was pretty dang discouraging... but for some reason or another i can't seem to stay down for too long. I know that things will start coming together as we keep striving to do what is right.
At the beginning of the week we still didn't have a "good" map of our area and the ward list that we had got from the clerk didn't really help us at all.. I had no idea what to do really. We decided to go over to the chamber of commerce in hopes that they of all people would have a good map of Katy.. yeah no. haha it felt like we had walked to egypt and back and basically for nothing. I was starting to get super frustrated but fortunately that night we were able to meet Charlene Taylor. She's a mom of 5 young kids the oldest being 8, she's been investigating the church for over a year now and her husband wants basically nothing to do with it. She was planning on getting baptized in the summer with her daughter but uh... yep that didn't happen. we're trying to get things fired up again but she's canceled on the appointments that we've set. oh yippee. She did come to church though so i can't help but keep a positive outlook on it. I feel that me and Sister Combs might be able to help her out a little more than the previous elders could. 
It rained a ton this week! making it pretty hard to be on bikes. haha it's moments like that though that i'm super grateful to have sister combs for my companion. Regardless of what's happening, we always seem to be laughing at some dumb joke we made. We accidentally trespassed onto a golf course one day oddly enough they were having a tournament that day... hey if anything we were seen by a lot of people and maybe that was why we ended up there. 
On Wednesday night we had mission correlation and low and behold our ward mission leader is still MIA! we were trying to tell the ward missionaries that all we needed was a map of all the street names and a list of less active and part member families. I felt like i was literally speaking hebrew,  Haha no one was understanding what we needed, it always came back to so.. you guys have bikes? and... you guys are being fed right? Oh. my. heavens. YES! i have a dang bike but it's pointless to have unless i have someone to go see. and YES! we're being fed, i could care less about meals i want to teach somebody! it felt like literally for an hour and half we just walked in circles, by the end of it i just sighed and said.. anything helps.  Which has now become an inside joke with me and combs. Haha we'll always say it when something is completely pointless. Seriously i swear i'm trying to get things going but i feel like i just keep banging my head against a brick wall. 
We got to go to the temple this past Friday which is always a good time!  I'm so so grateful that we have a temple in our mission. I have really come to appreciate the peace we can feel when inside. It's also an awesome opportunity to attend it with missionaries you are serving with. I have made some of the greatest friends out here and it's been incredible to see them change along with myself:]
So saturday was probably one of the worst days out on my mission. Me and Combs decided we were gonna hit it hard that day and just try to see and contact as many people as possible seeing that we have a whole whopping almost one investigator. Well we get to a former investigators house and knock on the door and a middle eastern man answered it. I say hey were sister missionaries we share a message of jesus christ, could we share a message with you and your family? He turns around and walks into his living room telling his wife to come talk to us, but... she didn't really want to so she started to get up and walk away. I'm not really sure how it happened but all of the sudden the man was beating his wife. We could hear him hitting her and yelling at her, and her just crying and shrieking. I literally felt the spirit just leave us. I had no idea what to do, we both felt super helpless because really, what do you do? A part of me wanted to bust in there and beat the crap out of this terrible guy, but i just felt frozen. He came back to the door and said sorry maybe come back another time. We just turned around and started walking back home. I think what sucked the most though was that it really hit Combs, for the next 3 hours she wouldn't really say much. No matter what joke i made or what question i would ask, she was just not feeling it. I'm not the greatest comforter in the world, in fact i feel super awkward when people start crying or are sad and i'm just sitting there like heya... please be happy? ah it was the worst. and i never wanna feel like that again. 
Sunday! so we were asked to come into sharing time and just let the primary kids ask us a few questions. Jr primary flew by and was super funny, i swear i love little kids. Then comes the sr primary and after we had finished i just say ok does anybody have any questions for us? big mistake. One of the girl throws her hand up and says Do you like anybody? haha i just start laughing and combs says.. well i like bowden a lot. and then i say yeah we like everybody. The little girl rolls her eyes and says No! like boys! do you like any boys?? haha i was kinda at a loss for words so Combs just says nope, as missionaries we don't like any boys! The girl didn't really like that but we just hurried up and got the heck outta there. After church she came running up to me, grabbed my arm and said PLEASE tell me you found someone you love on your mission? In my mind i'm thinking sheesh little girl what do you know!! haha but i just said no i just love everyone and she looked at me and said. It's ok to be in love and a missionary. oh. my. goodness. who is this little girl?? anyways it was just really funny.
This morning on the way over here a guy at our apartment yelled at us and said hey i've seen you guys out here every morning what are you doing? I just yelled back and said we teach people about Christ! He said wait wait are you mormons?? I said yep we sure are. He told us to wait right there and that he wanted to talk to us. MEGA MIRACLE my friends. Ricardo is super interested in the church and the things we believe so you bet i'll be praying for him a lot this coming week:]
 I love you guys so much! i hope this week is awesome and not too chilly for ya! i miss ya all the days and we'll talk to ya soon:] Preach on.

Love, Sister Bowden

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