Monday, July 1, 2013

Week 11 - How Can I Save You if You Won't Even Let Me HELP YOU?

My dear Family!

Well you are now receiving an email from a 21 year old woman, i feel so much wiser suddenly:] ha jk, i'm still the same. So this week has been well,,, another week! I actually hit a breaking point, and Sunday when we got home from church i just cried and cried. So there is a lot of anti-mormon literature out there, and i don't think in utah we realize just how real it is.  We knocked into a guys house and immediately he wanted us to come in, after talking for a couple minutes he whipped out some book on the book of mormon and how it's been revised and changed and a lot of other nonsense. Well this guy was going on and on and on about this book, i started panicing on the inside, cuz i had never heard any of those things before. When he took a second to take a breath, i just kinda jumped in and said ya know, if you spent as much time actually reading THE book of mormon instead of just reading about it, i think your opinion might be a little different. And with that i got my stuff and me and Sister Tau left. There is so much anti-literature down here. Other churches actually give lessons on what to do when the mormons come over. Haha are you freakin kidding me? That's what you learn during church? Cuz everytime i've been we usually spend time talking about Christ and how to better our lives... weird. All this week everyone bailed on our appointments, i couldn't get someone to listen even if i was martha stewart at a baking convention. It also gets really frustrating we'll see someone who clearly needs help, whether it's carrying in groceries, or something in their yard but when we offer they just look at us with this "a girl in a dress is really going to help me right now?" and i just wanna say YES. LET ME HELP YOU! how can i ever expect to save someone's soul if they won't even let me help them weed their yard! It's this whole southern way of living, they expect girls to just be these delicate soft damsels in distress. Well i'm not, i never have been so just put me to work!

We had PEC on sunday morning and the bishop was going over things, we told him how we wanted to involve the members to find people for us to teach and he was all supportive. Then when he got up to make the announcement, he said we've all felt very inspired since last sunday's broadcast and the sister's have a plan to get us more involved with missionary work here in fairfield. that was it. It was this awkward announcement and i just wanted to run up to the pulpit and say hey ward, listen up. I have biked a crap ton in 19802476782 degree weather, i have knocked on door after door, i have cleaned up horse crap, and weeded yards. I will do whatever you guys ask me to do, but please help us in finding people to teach. They all know their neighbors but they are so unwilling to share the gospel with them. I know that nothing is going to happen until the members start opening their mouths. After church we got home and i just lost it. I've worked my butt off for the past month and nothing has seemed to really leave an impression. I was so tired in every way possible i just hit a giant wall called fairfield.

(The good side of things)
My birthday was this past week! haha woo woo, i think i got more cakes and recognition then i ever have in my whole life! I also got to meet the legendary Cate Rawson, she's an inactive member that EVERYBODY talks about. She's very talented in basically everything she wants but got into anti-literature stuff. It was a good opportunity to meet her, and just get to know her before we try to shove anything gospel related at her. Ryan, the atheist man that wants to take me on a date prayed! So when we asked him to pray he said to not get our hopes up, we went back a couple days later and before we even brought it up he said by the way i said a prayer. I was so excited! i asked him what happened and he said after we had left he went back to his yardwork, his lawn mower hasn't been working for the past 3 weeks and the thought entered his mind "maybe i should pray" boom. the thing started right up. Not a coincidence. of course he said he prays that the lord will make an exception and let me go on a date with him but i told him that would never happen. He actually got online and looked up the missionary rules. hahaha he looked up what we can and can't do and he also looked up the book of mormon musical. He's kinda dancing all around mormon stuff i know he thinks about it a lot. I feel super awkward going over there at times, but Sister Tau thinks we gotta use whatever we can to bring others to Christ. Ha whatever she says. We do have a baptism set for next Sunday with Chris Susa! it's weird he had most of his discussions with the missionaries in Sugarland so i haven't really been able to build a strong relationship with him, but hey we have a baptism! even if we had almost nothing to do with it.

Mama Blattman took us out to eat at this awesome Texas BBQ place on friday, they had a live band playing and the whole texas atmosphere was there. Well as we were leaving i started doing a little ho-down and one of the guys yelled "give her another beer" i laughed and say i don't need a beer to have a good time and he got this puzzled look on his face. In the most unexpected ways we can share the gospel, if we just realize these opportunities. We also are officially teaching the Henke family! The mom Michelle is a member and her husband and children are Lutheran, slowly due to things happening though they are coming to our church. Our first lesson with them was a little rough, he had some major concerns with the Book of Mormon, but the second we put on a message from Elder Holland which talks about how it is true, and that God never ceases to speak to us. We shared some scriptures and during the lesson he started tearing up. I shared John 14:25 about the Holy Ghost being a comforter and our remembrance to all things. It was AWESOME! as he gave the closing prayer he said "If this is the path you would have us take, please lord keep us on it" His wife was crying by the end of it and i just know things are gonna come together for this family! We're going back friday so Holla! maybe that's gonna be our family to baptize:]

That's pretty much the jist of things. I love this gospel. I can't even explain to you guys how everyday i gain another testimony of it's truthfulness. I'm so grateful for that, because honestly that's what keeps me going, that's why everyone morning i still get up and get to work. I only have a short amount of time and i need to do everything in my power to make the most of it. I love you all and pray for you daily! Keep up all the hard work, miss ya mucho!

-Sister Bowden

oh ps, my zone leader from the mtc send me a red sox shirt for my b-day! haha love him. so great:]

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