Monday, July 29, 2013

Week 15 - He Lives to Bless In Time of Need

Hey my fantastic family:]
Well yes, last week was rough and if i didn't really uplift everyone i fully apologize for that. This week was also really hard.. BUT things have started turning around for the better!
So on Monday we had dinner with the Bartholomew family and their son is serving his mission in Brazil well it was his birthday so to celebrate it they had us come over! They bought us our favorite candybars and got us giftcards to subway it was sweet! i guess their son said that for his birthday he wanted them to do something for the missionaries.. so sweet! i'll probably tell you guys to do that this Christmas, or Halloween, or whatever holiday i can think of. During dinner though one of our investigators texted us and say Hey sisters, i've decided i'm ready to start my baptism! WHAT? haha it was one of the greatest things i have ever read. So tonight we're starting up the discussions, the only hold back is that he just turned 18 and his parents are very strong in the Catholic church. We're just gonna have to see what happens but yes, tonight we are starting David's baptism:] pretty neat. 
On tuesday we went to the temple with the Henke family and walked the grounds and talked about why the temple is important la la la. Well when we were finishing up Cameron turned to me and said, if i get baptized do i get to go in there? I was so happy to be able to say yes. You can get a recommend and start doing baptisms for the dead. They youth in our ward have a temple trip set for the 20th and Michelle really wants him to be able to go to it, So on thursday we will have a real date set. It's clearly not going to be this Saturday but i'm praying it happens in the next 2 weeks. 
After the temple we were dropping off lunch to Papa Grover and he asked if we wanted to have a tour of where he works. hahahaha this was a mistake! He's a geologist and oh heck. We seriously talked about rocks for almost 2 hours. I thought i was going to hit my head against the wall, there was a lot of smiling, yawning and head nodding. but i think it made his day so cool. 
Wednesday we went and did service over at the ranch again and it totally sucked without Vought there. Hardy's new comps are well... these little nerds. One of them is terrified of horses so it was really funny to see him trying to act like he was cool with feeding them and everything. We also went and sanded this one family's wooden floors. haha i think i inhaled some serious toxins but it was actually really fun. We had a really good lesson with Raechel Britto about Prophets and i really think things are starting to click for her! 
We went and sang for the old home again this week and we also set a baptismal date for Colin! he is set for August 31, i'm not sure if i've shared this before but Colin's twin died at birth. Every time he says the closing prayer he always prays for his brother and that he'll be able to see him again, it kills me. I'm so grateful for the plan of salvation and the knowledge we have that we can see our most very loved ones again. As we were biking that night we biked past this lady out walking by herself and i felt a very strong feeling that we should talk to her, we keep biking and keep biking and finally i just say Tau! we gotta talk to that lady. So we bike back, la la la she takes the Book of Mormon and we have this awesome conversation about it! I'm feeling the spirit feeling super good, and then we bike past a car full of dumb teenage boys. They start following us in their car yelling all sorts of super disgusting crap and all i could think was seriously?? I just had this awesome spiritual moment and i wanna kill you boys. They kept following us and i wouldn't look at them, i juts kept biking, so they pulled their car up on the sidewalk to stop me. at this point i actually was kinda scared so we just biked over to a member's house and talked to them for a little bit. I swear to every good thing, there always has to be a bad. 
Friday was Hardy's last district meeting and as such we went to Buffalo Wild Wing's just for him. haha thanks to him i got fetchin food poisoning and spent the afternoon throwing up all those delicious wings. 
Monica Kratz flaked out on us once again so we didn't end up giving her a church tour. But as we were going to dinner with the Stanton's, Michelle the mom, was like oh hey by the way my catholic friend is in the car and she's gonna be joining us tonight. ah, i could have kissed that woman! haha we were able to teach her friend Laura the first discussion and she's gonna start reading the Book of Mormon. good moments, good moments:] 
Saturday was the worst. haha we biked seriously everywhere and had 0 success. By the time we got home i grabbed a huge thing of ice cream and just sat on the couch and went to town. haha yeah you can call me chunk.
SUNDAY: oh glorious sunday! So we were asked to speak in sacrament meeting about missionary work and all the new exciting changes, well due to the stuff going on all week i had kinda just written down like 5 sentences of things i had thought to share. You better believe that as i was walking up to the pulpit i was just praying please heavenly father just let the spirit take over. haha i honestly don't even know what i said, i know at some point i made a reference to soccer so that was sweet. Then me and Kung Tua sang come thou fount, ya know our typical go-get-em song. Well right as i sang the first 3 notes boom, you could seriously feel the spirit just spread through the whole chapel. I don't think the fairfield ward has EVER been that quiet. It was probably one the coolest moments in my life, and let's not even talk about how i have never sang in church like that. Then kung tua hit em with the spirit and Mama Blattman ended it with a falcon punch to the heart! oh man, it was the best sacrament meeting. After sacrament Colin came running up to me and tau and gave us this huge hug, and a less active family (with a super inactive dad) said they wanted us to come over for dinner. ah yeah! I think things are finally gonna start taking a good turn. 
It's honestly so neat to see where me and Tau started from and to see where we are today. She has seriously become one of my very best friends. I look up to her and seriously appreciate the person she is and who she is becoming. I know that as we are consistently striving to do things in fairfield the work is going to come along. It has been a really long 2 months, haha really long, but it's so awesome to know it wasn't in vain. There is a purpose behind us riding our bikes out into the baking sun everyday, there is a purpose for us not giving up.
I know Heavenly Father is looking out for me, he knows me personally. and man, He really does live to bless in time of need. It's right when things are beginning to be too much that he swoops into our rescue, if we just show that we have faith in him, he will bring miracles into our lives. I feel very grateful to be out on a mission, i really sincerely do. Not only do you learn more about the gospel, but you learn a lot about yourself. The problems you have at home, you will still have out here, but now you are given the capacity to see them in a different view. You're still you but even more than that. You can feel the spirit so abundantly, you can handle things with more patience, you can love people easily. I'm grateful to be serving a mission. I miss you all and i hope things are just kicking like always! I love ya mucho and can't wait to either put ya in a headlock or give ya a huge hug!
Love, Sister Bowden

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