Monday, June 10, 2013

Week 9 - My Current Mountain To Climb

My Family!!
well... my life has changed quite dramatically since we last spoke.. i am
I seriously had no idea what to say when President Pingree called Wednesday morning. So my life went from complete bliss and awesomeness... to what it is now. Which is a whole lot of uncertainty and me trying to just be a good example to my new companion!
The night before i left though i got to say goodbye to the Mendiola family, Sharlynn started crying, they made me a cake and went all out for me. I really am so sad that i got moved but I'll do whatever they ask me these days:]
So I am in Fairfield Texas! and they LOVE sister missionaries. The Elders a couple times before us weren't the most dedicated of missionaries and it caused a lot of bad feelings to come towards them. Fortunately for me, we set things off to a good start and the members know that we are here to get some work done. The first couple days have been actually really hard though, when we got to transfers the assistants handed me a new phone and a box and said here call this number and get a ride to your new area... awesome. We are living with members of ward, the Grovers! haha but actually they left on vacation so we're living with their dog zoey! When we finally found a way there I started calling the Bishop and Ward mission leader trying to figure things out, lucky me everyone seemed to be out of town. So did i feel completely left in the dark? yes. I've only been out fetchin 6 weeks! I have no idea why President didn't ask a more seasoned missionary! But i really have just been trying my best, constantly praying and really the Lord has provided. My new comp is Sister Tau! She's the coolest most loving girl i have ever met! She was born in Tonga but has spent the last couple years in New Zealand! hahah she talks just like Alex! It's been way sweet hearing about her life and family. She grew up in a "tonga hut" whatever the heck that is:] but she really is super great. She's new and a little nervous but she trusts me and i can't even express how much i appreciate that. The past couple days we've just been trying to find all the less active and part member families which honestly in a car would be much easier! haha We've gotten in touch with a few of them, had some doors slammed in our faces, but the highlight is we have 2 boys that are ready to be baptized! they are both 9 years old, there families are less active but they both have told their parents they are ready to be baptized. I honestly am so grateful for that, I have felt kind of bad for sister tau and i'll pray all the time, heavenly father please just give us a miracle so that Sister Tau doesn't get discouraged. I feel that the first 2 weeks are kinda critical for a new missionary to feel that they are making a significant difference. So let's just hope everything goes as planned!

Yesterday was a really good sunday! We were asked to say the prayers in Sacrament meeting just to make the ward aware that we were there. Afterwards a little girl named reese came up and handed me a picture. haha during the meeting she drew me and on the back it said "thank you for coming and inspiring me" melted my heart.
The District and zone that i'm currently i guess has been having lots of drama... I don't really understand how some of the sisters and elders have energy for it but whatever. I think a reason i was put down here was to kinda break that crap up and just bring our zone together. One of my Zone Leaders is Elder Hardy. aka Colton Hardy haha he's a wrestler from box elder and we know all the same people. He was really good friends with Trae Bennett and Ronnie, which i thought was pretty funny, but yeah so i already have a little bestie down here:]
On Saturday we went and did some service for a member of our ward, she has a ranch and recently was trampled by one of her horses. Just guess what i did.. haha i cleaned out stalls ALL DAY LONG. aka i cleaned out horse crap all day long, but i loved it. One of the girls there is training to be a jockey so we got to watch her race for a little bit... freak it was probably one of the coolest things i have ever seen!
But yeah that's somewhat been my past week.. crazy, crazy. Everything got turned upside down on me and i'm starting from scratch. But life is good, i'm walking by faith and just letting Heavenly Father lead things. all i can say is try riding a bike in a skirt. JUST TRY IT. haha it's definitely a new skill i'm learning, I'm also learning to just let others serve me. It's hard for me and i really hate feeling like a burden to people but in this situation, i'm having to ask others for help. I'm so grateful for the trust Heavenly Father has in me. I know that as i'm trying my best he's going to help me and Sister Tau. I'm really excited to see what Fairfield has in store for us:]
I love you and miss you all. seriously.
-Sister Bowden

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