Monday, June 17, 2013

Week 10 - Bug Bites, Sunburns and Broken Fingers...

whell my dear family!
I'm not even sure where to start. This past week has been super hard, but super great! I have a mission mother out here named Mama Blattman and i love this woman so much. She's a ward missionary and seriously a lifesaver for me. She took us out to eat this past week at The Shack. and can i just tell you what i ate? haha a cheeseburger stuffed between 2 grilled cheese sandwiches! and it was divine:] ah loved it. definitely feeling that texas vibe!

We also had Elder Golden here doing a mission tour this past week, he's a 70. Lucky me i was sitting next to my two besties elder vought and elder hardy right in the front. I felt like he was peering into my soul the entire time. That man is incredible though.He talked a lot about the savior, and that we need to be careful with how we talk about him. Some people say things like Oh yeah jesus is my friend, but if we truly knew Christ and knew his suffering for us I don't know if we would have this casual friendship with him.   He also talked a lot about us raising our expectations. He also gave a little extra talk to the trainers of the mission, which in my situation i definitely needed. He gave a fireside for all those investigating the church currently and we could only attend if we had an investigator there. Much to my surprise we had a whole row a people show up! It felt awesome to walk in there and actually be able to see hey, clearly i'm doing something right in Fairfield. Which fairfield by the way is like a scene out of desperate housewives. It's like this little neighborhood of paradise, but secretly everybody doesn't really live the perfect life they seem to put on display. One of our goals whiled we're here is to unite the ward.
There is a lot of Anti-mormon literature here. I actually had a less active lady warn me that she would destroy my testimony if i continued visiting here. I'm not really sure if i should be more inspired to continue going over there or if i should take her advice and let it go.
We went to visit a less active family named the Bondoc's. We were just catching up with them and starting to share when all of the sudden Sister Tau burst into tears. She had her first little breakdown and i had no idea what to do, haha especially because it was in front of this family. We later went knocking and we met a lady named Denise. As we were sharing with her about the Restoration i suddenly felt something on my feet, i looked down and fire ants were covering my legs! ok you betcha they bit me. My feet look ridiculous and everybody always asks what happened. I was sharing the gospel that's what happened! everytime we go over to Denise's i think of Hot Rod and wanna say,, oh hey denise. haha but i don't think anyone would realize how dang funny i am.
Being on the bike isn't too bad. haha i actually would enjoy it if it weren't for Texas's blistering sun at 3 in the afternoon. Things have been pretty slow getting started, but we got out everyday and do the best we can.
I see Vivint boys everywhere i go, and it's so great because the first time i saw one i was riding my bike and yelled at him HEY HEY I USED TO LIVE IN OREM. hahaha well... he was from Florida and not a member of the church. But in me assuming he was we became quick friends and i was actually able to give him a book of mormon. So maybe just assuming people are already members is the way to go...
 We had to teach the adult sunday school class yesterday in church! I felt so inadequate.. i'm a teeny baby i can't be teaching these people! But i think it went pretty well, all of them seemed to enjoy it at least haha, We also had a family give us a whole list of referrals. Which honestly was an answer to my prayers. It's been really hard starting from nothing, I came from college station where we were just busting things out and then I came to fairfield.. with 0 investigators. That list is gonna at least give us something to work with so i'm happy! When we got home last night Me and Sister Tau were getting out of the car. I shut my door and she shuts here right after... well she actually shut my finger in the door as well.  It seriously hurt so bad.. It's all bruised and swollen and it's slightly making it difficult to type to you all today. but hey, i guess i don't really need that finger:]
Things are slow, but we're getting there. i know that as i keep being obedient and just doing my best the Lord is going to provide for us. I'm grateful to be here, no one ever complain to me again about how hot Utah is, because it has nothing on Texas heat. I'm not quitting, missions are hard but i know that it's going to be worth it. Each time i share my testimony with someone i feel it get stronger and stronger. I just want to be rock solid, I want to know that if Heavenly Father ever asks me Did you love me, I can answer wholeheartedly yes i did. I gave everything i could and even though it's hard, sacrifice brings blessings. He's only going to ask us to do things to bring us closer to him. I know it's true. I love you all and i love hearing about all your adventures! Keep up all the hard work and know i'm thinking about ya:] Much love fam bam!
-Sister Bowden

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