Monday, December 9, 2013

Week 34 - To Have Joy Therein

Well Hello Jello!

This past week was f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g!  It's funny to me that i was called to the Houston Texas mission and yet I've never been colder! Haha I'm pretty sure i was the most unprepared missionary for the cold but somehow Heavenly Father has blessed me taken care of me! 
Katy 2 has so far proven to be my toughest area on my mission.  I know that specifically in this area it all has to start with the members and I have felt like every week or at every dinner we'll have good spiritual lessons and everyone gets excited but then once again no one acts... It's been super frustrating but I'm hoping that because it's Christmas and we have SO many activities to have the members invite their friends that something will start to spark up. We had a really good moment one particular night we were at a member's house and we were talking over dinner and I'm not sure what shifted or what was really even said but when we left he said "Hey I'm sorry that i really misjudged you two, you guys are actually really great missionaries and I'm glad that you're here."  It was a pretty neat experience because the first time we went over to their house Me and Combs swore that we would never return, but I'm really glad we did. A lot of the times our first impressions of people can just be so off and I appreciate 2nd chances:]
Oh! so this past week i decided to start pushing Combs out of her comfort zone and let her lead the way. It was so dang funny, we were out walking and I said Combs tomorrow you are in charge you're gonna make plan a, b, and la la la.  She started arguing saying that was a super bad idea and I just laughed and said "nope it's time, you're getting way too comfortable with me." Her reply was if I was comfortable I'd be sitting on a couch eating chips. haha we laughed but I still had her take the lead. I think it was good for her, even though she was super frustrated with me.  I'm trying my best to show her that she isn't always necessarily going to have a companion, I want to know that she'll be there ready to go.   Haha I told her that and she said she'll start stepping up when we're aren't companions any longer that's when the "test" starts. I laughed pretty hard and just told her "Combs I just want to know that I've showed you how to be the best missionary you can be, I just want you to be prepared for when you have to make the decisions." Things have been a lot better and smoother haha sometimes I do feel like I am pulling her teeth when i'm trying to get her to do a little more:]
We all know how much I love my district leader these days.... well this past week in district meeting for some reason he started talking about how if you're going to be disobedient you should at least be smart about it and I decided to finally speak up to him. I told him how much I dislike the fact that to him being disobedient or "spirit of the law" is the cool thing to do.  Heck am I perfect? No... but I really look up to the missionaries that can do things by the book. The ones that obedience comes to naturally because I definitely tend to want to do things a little differently. I have found though that the more I strive to be obedient the more Heavenly Father blesses us in the work. The more he blesses you period. Elder Chollet was kinda taken off guard and tried to come jump on my boat but aahh sometimes I don't understand people! Haha if you're disobedient that's fine heck do whatever makes you happy, but I think it's a little unnecessary to make others feel dumb for doing what's right. 
We got to go to the temple this past week which was soo great! Haha i'm gonna be honest I've been feeling kinda stressed with this area just because we still haven't found a really solid person to teach. As i was in there though a line really just kept coming back to me. He created these things so that man could have joy therein. When we left I felt this overcoming feeling of just enjoy what you do have. "A grateful person is rich in contentment" I really have felt the love of the ward start to grow. I'm grateful for them and all the things that they have done to help us. I'm grateful for my companion, the support I get from home, and for this opportunity to really put the Lord first in my life. 

After we finish emailing today we're gonna head downtown to do our little Radio show! haha i'm pretty stoked about it, it should be a good time. December is gonna fly by, this week we should be pretty busy with service opportunities and activities with the ward:] I'm just trying my hardest to be obedient and show Heavenly Father that I can be a useful instrument in his hands. We are gonna get to skype on Christmas we talked to some members yesterday and we got things all figured out:] We'll probably be at their house around 10 and then we basically have most the day to just talk to you guys and hang out so when it gets closer I'll tell ya when to be prepared! haha I'm sure you'll all love getting to see this face! Well thanks mucho for everything! haha i'm sorry to hear that it's like the arctic tundra up in Hooper! Stay warm, stay sassy, stay happy and know that I love you guys! 

Love, Sister Bowden

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