Monday, August 26, 2013

Week 19 - As Long As You Say Big EYES and Not Big THIGHS We're Good!

Well wowzers have i got some news for you! This week was oh just ya know great as ever:] but really, it was pretty good.
On Tuesday we "attempted" to make cookies so that as we were visiting less actives they would feel more inclined to either let us in or at least be nice but the cookies ended up being an epic fail so instead we just drew on all the paper plates and stuck them to the people's doors. haha the best one was we decided to put some on mama blattman's cuz she was having a rough day. i think it added a little bit of cheer to her life, so it was worth it:]
 Wednesday so ya know our typical go to the ranch day except this week we witnessed a small girl get trampled!! it was TERRIBLE. i have never seen someone become a such a rag doll in a matter of seconds, she was bruised up pretty badly but it wasn't anything too serious... luckily. 
I had some divine revelation for the fairfield ward that day and it was awesome! As we were studying i finally figured how we were gonna start getting some new investigators! So just listen, the people of fairfield are pretty prosperous right? they have their cars, they have their nice houses, no one is really "searching" for anything. They have good lives, but i know that every human being has the desire to be wanted and needed. Everyone wants to feel like they made a difference in some way or another so we're switching our perspective. Instead of thinking they need church, they need the gospel, we're trying to find ways of how the gospel needs them. why our ward needs this person, we think of their strengths and then invite them to do something for us! It's actually started working. Mama blattman's neighbor nicole loves us, loves us, loves us. But hasn't been to interested in coming to church, so we've been asking her to give us rides to appointments. She's all about helping us, so on the way to our lessons we'll discuss with her what we're planning on teaching that person. She pretty much gets the lesson without even realizing she's getting the lesson. We're just asking people to help us, which is weird for me. All the time i'm trying to be the hero that comes in and saves the day, but that isn't what people really want.
We went to the old people's house to sing again and this time was actually a really neat experience. We sang a song or two and then we're just talking to Angela and Ms. Dubea, when i just decided to ask them What do you guys feel when we come over? They we're quiet for a second and the Ms. Dubea looked at me and said Well i feel like i'm with God. Whoa. The spirit was so present there, we started reading the book of mormon with them and she said I've never felt this way It's like i almost want to cry. SO SO cool. By small and simple things:]
We didn't have too much luck getting in and teaching lessons this past week and by Saturday i was feeling kinda like well crap we've done nothing. So that night i decided to say a little prayer, i said Heavenly Father please let someone in our ward bring people for us to meet tomorrow. Ya know, nothing miraculous just a simple request. We had 10 investigators at church! It was awesome. A family brought a couple for us to start teaching and another family has a foreign exchange student for Ukraine living with them this year. The Ukraine girl's name is Victoria and she came right up to me and start talking. She's gorgeous and had a LOT of questions about church so i'm excited to see if we can start teaching her or what:]
The other night we were out biking like usual and we always pass by this group of guys playing basketball, well since the first time there's always one that yells stuff like Hey baby girl, Ride over here sweet thing. bleh just all this stuff that makes me feel somewhat like a piece of meat. Well finally i decided to stop. I stopped and i said what's your name? He said Jamal. (ha typical i know) Well jamal, i'll make you a deal. Let's play 1 game of horse if you win, you can keep calling me whatever you want and i'll leave with something really special to me. If i win, you have to call me sister bowden and let me tell you why we bike past you guys so much. He said deal, and I hate to admit this but the spirit didn't take over and i didn't become Michael Jordan. BUT i did leave him with a book of mormon and i hope that maybe just a dumb game of horse changed their perspective on missionaries:] As we were leaving he yelled hey sister bowden! i turned and said what's up? He said you have really nice big eyes. hahahha i just laughed and said well, as long as you say big eyes and not big thighs, we're good. His whole little gang started laughing and then me and Tau just got back to it.
I realized something this week though, because of the success me and Tau have had while serving here in fairfield especially because we whitewashed the area a lot of Elders will ask us what our secret is. Haha i've always kinda laughed because there is no super awesome hidden secret. I've just felt that we just work. But i realized that even though teaching lessons and this and that is important, of even greater importance is who we are. Plain and simple. There is no secret thing that me and Tau do, it's just the girls and missionaries that we are. It's the in-between things that make it count. Ya know thinking outside of the regular missionary things. That's what shows people that you really care about THEM. Leaving notes on their cars when you leave, stopping and playing basketball with their kids, just simply being myself has given me greater success than anything.
I love the gospel, Todd Henke is now talking about WHEN he is going to be baptized and WHEN he will be able to receive the priesthood and WHEN his family can be sealed. There is no more IF. I'm just so truly grateful for the spirit and how you can seriously watch people's outlook on things change because of it. We went over there yesterday and as we were talking about the priesthood he started tearing up and said It just holds men to a higher standard. Yes, it should. All priesthood holders should realize that they have this amazing sacred privilege and that yes Heavenly Father does expect you to strive to remain worthy of it.

When we got home last night the Grovers wanted to play a game and I got to pick CLUE! ah it totally ended my day on the best note ever. Back at home me and stac face and bri had our designated Clue Club and every so often we would invite somebody else to come play, haha they had one chance to win and if they didn't they weren't allowed to be a part of our club. haha it totally took me back to it and i told Tau that if she wanted to be in my club she had to win. First guess and she got it right. haha i was so freakin ticked. This dang tongan has seriously become one of my favorite girls in the whole world:] She has no idea the example that she has been to me these past 3 months.

But yep, that's pretty much the happenings of the week. Just causing trouble and breakin hearts! I feel truly blessed to be serving here in fairfield! Transfers are this thursday and i have a terrible feeling me and Tau will no longer be serving together. As prez would put it "we gotta spread the good around" haha we'll see. I'm not really looking forward to it but hey it's the mish life:]
I love you all more than the flowers love the rain.. hahahaha oh woof. ok love ya lots, miss ya more. I hope that everything is so great for y'all. (That's right i said it) I'll talk to you guys next week! Thank you for all the love and support, it means more than you know:]
Love, Sister Bowden

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